At Oaklane, our core values shape everything we do. We believe in four pillars that guide our actions and define our identity.


People come to us to make money, and we take that seriously. Prioritising our clients' profit is our way of "putting people first." We see the extra profit we provide as a means to help them build the life they want for their families.


We foster an environment of excellence, where we not only excel in our roles but also in the areas of life we value. Our workplace camaraderie mirrors the spirit of sporting teams, creating a space where our team brags to friends and family about how much they enjoy working with us.


Our clients are blown away by our constant communication and willingness to share our insights. We educate during the process, providing all the details needed for our clients to confidently go out and invest on their own. Some do, with great success, while others see it as evidence that Oaklane is the best place for their money, leading them to reinvest.


We don’t sell secrets. The information is free. What our clients pay for is execution. How we manage and optimise. Where we buy, what we buy and which strategies we execute on is common sense stuff. Our value is in the doing - not just what we do, but how well we do it.


Brayden Currey (Brother)

Brayden is leaning into what he considers to be the biggest advantage - Open dinner table discussions about property and finance from a young age. He was “helping renovate” (Passing tools) to his dad on weekends for as long as he can remember and started saving for his own investment property at the age of 8. Most would assume the advantage of being surrounded by your parents property adventures would be early access to property through financial assistance or guarantors.

Brayden decided to prove he could do it himself without the financial advantages. He believes even if he went down the path, the real advantage has been over 20 years of exposure to external and internal discussions on property. That’s a lot of theory and practical experience.

Learning by doing - he has invested, flipped and developed himself. 5 years as a selling agent provides an insight into how the other side works +  all of the training and experience that comes with negotiating hundreds of deals. But also to witness so many investors with different strategies, starting, growing and exiting their property portfolios. Everything from massive wins to big losses.

Unable to find a property management company that has the skills and enthusiasm required to build a portfolio of the size he dreams of + a first hand look at the damage caused dodge practices of industry “professionals” is what lead to the birth of the property investment firm known as Oaklane Property.

Outside of work he does more of the same. Property is the passion he was lucky enough to find at such a young age. Why the relentless push though? Generational wealth is the goal. How? He plans to build it for enough other people and figures the numbers will eventually work out for his future family.

Jaydene Currey (Sister)

Jaydene is the greatest operator you have ever met, heard of or read about. Yet, she's completely oblivious to this fact. In her mind, she’s normal and is genuinely baffled when others don’t exhibit the same skills and abilities she exudes

Jaydene brings big business experience and efficiencies, from places where tiny improvements made multi-million dollar impacts. Her retail management role saw her shipped around the country, turning around underperforming stores. The final mission included running and optimising a 300 person team. Her reputation and the impression
she made on team members at every level of the
business says everything.

After over a decade of hard work and high stress environments she tried to take a step back by gaining employment as a receptionist in the travel industry. No more than 6 months later she found herself head of a role that hadn’t existed before her appointment - Head of Safety, Quality and Compliance. Building every system and process from the ground up. After a while of enjoying the challenge she realised to have the level of impact in business she was striving for, it couldn’t be done with a large company and the rigid challenges that come with them.

She didn’t gravitate towards property as young as Brayden, getting tired of the constant never changing topic. But has since proved she learnt more than she would like to admit by being surrounded by it all those years. Again, downplaying her knowledge, assuming everyone must know what she knows. She’s a natural, enthusiastically executing deals in her own portfolio, even getting on the tools
here and there. In the office she’s the real boss, Head of everything + tasked with the challenge of keeping Brayden focused on one thing at a time.

Outside of the office she loves to travel and virtually every puppy (puppy = dog of any age) she’s ever seen or met. After spending the week developing the business, she spends her developing her future with partner, Matt.