Property Management

Looking for the peace of mind that comes with a quality property manager?

You’ve taken the leap and invested in property. Now you just need to partner with someone who will make sure your portfolio produces the best return, while keeping the stress and headaches off your plate.

At Oaklane Property, we understand the importance of even the little things, the importance of the fundamental tasks and the speed and efficiency of their completion. Communication, common sense and logic are strong themes within our business.

We are aligned through our mission to assist clients to build generational portfolios. Having a team that values every detail will translate to results beyond your expectations. Every 1% efficiency gained is required when building a large portfolio.

Not everyone has large portfolio goals but everyone will benefit from a team that is focused on ensuring you get the best return from your investment

Financially we are incentivised to effectively manage your investments to a point where you are able to engage our other services. We do this by actively decreasing your expenses and increasing your income to best position you to expand your portfolio. By offering our buyer’s agent service, we strive for the opportunity to buy another investment for you.

Your goals are your choice. It’s up to us to make them possible with as little time, headache and $ cost to you. Yes, you will see a significant financial return on the fee we charge but peace of mind is also a meaningful advantage.

Changing from your current property manager to us is quicker and easier than most imagine. We can do virtually all the work on your behalf.

Engaging with us requires a leap of faith. You don’t truly know what the experience will be like until you’re already on board. Which is why we offer a 3 month money back guarantee and immediate termination at any time without question. We're so confident in our service that if you choose to leave, we'll manage your property at no charge for a month, bridging the transition to a new agency. This commitment is our assurance to you that we stand firmly behind our promise to consistently deliver.

We make as much information regarding our service as transparent and easily available as possible.
If you have any questions about the specifics of our day-to-day operations and points of difference, you can book a call directly in the calendar. This will also allow us an opportunity to get an understanding of your situation.

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8% +GST of rent collected
Leasing: 1 weeks rent +GST

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

South East Queensland –Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, out to Toowoomba and everything in between.

How many inspections do you do per year?

Four, which is the most that’s permittable under the legislation. It’s important to maintain the frequency regardless of the quality of tenant for reasons like insurance, if a claim is required in the future.

How many properties do you manage?

We are well over staffed and plan to keep it that way, as we continue to grow.

How many points of contact willI have?

One. Our agency is portfolio based.

What software do you use?

PropertyMe– as an owner, you will have access to the owner portal which contains all the up-to-date information for your property including rent payments, inspections, and maintenance.

Are you qualified?

Yes, we hold the appropriate licences, and we are an REIQ Accredited Agency.

What happens if I’m not happy?

We offer a 3-month money back guarantee and an open opportunity to leave at anytime. We don’t want you to feel trapped and we are confident in our abilities. We are yet to have a customer leave because they are unhappy with the service