Our flagship product for those seeking to accelerate, compound and preserve their wealth across generations - in the most hands-free way possible. We offer the intimacy of a private advisor who oversees, advises and handles everything related to your portfolio. This is a private wealth package designed for high-net-worth individuals and families; however, we have structured the fees to be per property which makes it accessible to all investors striving for generational wealth, not just those who already have it. Whether you are a business owner, private investor, institution or corporate entity, when you engage with our Private Advisory offering, we help you better manage your wealth so you can get on with enjoying the better things in life.

Oaklane Property offers a low volume buyer’s agency focused on quality, not quantity to accelerate the growth of your portfolio. Specialising in value-add deals by acquiring and optimising assets with development and/or renovation potential. We sacrifice short term profits for a lifetime reputation. We do this by acquiring superior deals that require a large investment of resources to source and specific abilities to secure at the right price & terms.

Strategy Session, Planning + Roadmap:

Detailed sessions to align investment strategy with changing market conditions and personal goals.

Portfolio Assessment:
  • Property Analysis: Valuations – rental income and equity assessments + borrowing power evaluations.
  • Compliance and Insurance Audits: Ensure all properties meet regulatory standards and are adequately insured.
  • Optimization Assessment: Recommendations for each property to maximize ROI, including potential renovations or upgrades.
Structuring Advice:
  • Entity Selection: Guidance on the best entities for property purchases considering tax implications.
  • Estate Planning: Strategies for efficiently transferring the portfolio to future generations.
Management of External Service Providers
  • Provider Selection: Assistance in interviewing, hiring, and, if necessary, firing providers like selling agents, property managers, etc
  • Act as the conduit between engaged professionals on your team such as lawyers, accountants etc.
Annual Property Valuations:
Regular assessments to track equity and investment performance.
Market Updates:
Region-specific insights, trends, and forecasts to inform investment decisions.
Annual Loan Reviews:
Evaluate mortgage terms, interest rates, and repayment strate gies to optimize financing costs.
Annual In-Person Meeting:
Provide a comprehensive portfolio update with detailed performance reporting and outlook.

Australia wide. all property types.


We do not provide financial advice. Property is not a regulated financial product which is why financial advisors are unable to provide advice and neither can we.

We provide general information based on our experiences. Specific advice by external professionals – lawyers, accountants etc will be invoiced by provider at cost price.

This service is available for everyone. From those who haven't bought yet but want to do it well - all the way up to the largest family office portfolios.

Provide some context on your situation below and we’ll reach out to discuss how we can assist and what the fee will be.

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